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Veteran's Day Weekend 2018

Fundraiser for the Honor Flight Network
 Liz (Elizabeth) McCarvill, RN
 Served on the U.S.S. Repose, 1950-1953, Korea

                                                  Our Host for the Evening's Events and                     
                                                  Pet Off Michael Ancona, USMC, 1965-1967, Long Beach, CA

2018 USSSA Military World Tournament
    August 16-19, 2018, Viera, Florida

          New World Tournament Umpire
                                    Robert Stultz

Dyess Air Force Base
                                                                                     Abilene, TX

45 Million People are Impacted by Addiction. Join The Conversation And Help Turn The Tide with NCADD (National Council Against Drug & Alcohol Addiction)

Last Week Instagram rolled  out a new "get support" pop-up for users who search for
Opioid or other substance-specific hashtags such as #heroin.


Our Paramount Pay it Forward Event for 2018!!

Return Of the
Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team

For Tickets & Info go to:

Contact us IMMEDIATELY for Sponsoring opportunities!

March 2018

Veteran's Day 2017 Gala For the Wings For Warriors

Dinner, Silent Auction, and a Live Auction piece created by Hedden


  Along with various Celebrities and the press

Our 2017 Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Dinners
For the Albuquerque Public Schools
took Several Loads this Year!

Thanks to all who helped make this possible...again in 2017!

 2016 "Pay It Forward" Series

The Event Of The Year!!!

Wounded Warrior Amputee
Softball Team


Very Proudly, we hosted the 11th Season of our "Pay It Forward" softball events in Albuquerque, reuninting teams from across the entire Southwest.   

See Our Sports Event Page for  Program details and Registration

  THIS YEAR we will be hosting the Wounded Warrior* Amputee Softball Team for their Debut in New Mexico!!  Details and entry information is found on our Sports Event site.

Event Weekend April 1, 2, and 3, 2016

1. HERO Arrival to ABQ
3. NO LIMITS Dinner - Meet and Greet
4. PAY it FORWARD - 2016 SOFTBALL Tournament
5. BBQ with Coaches - Players - Fans - Media -
    Photos - Interviews
6. Completion  - Softball - Awards
7. Sponsors Farewell Dinner


*We are in no way related to the Wounded Warrior Project who has been investigated in the media

February 18, 2016, marked the Ribbon Cutting ceremony to the formal opening of the Proton Therapy Cancer Treatment facility.  The only of its kind in the Southwest.
Costing over $370 Million and enlarging the campus with over 100,000 sq ft for the Arizona Branch of Mayo Clinic.

                                                          Mayo Clinic Arizona Cancer Center

  Early on a Saturday morning, we had a Catered Breakfast for the 8 mothers currently living there.  The Datenut French Toast was a big hit for everyone, and was followed by an AA meeting.

Sally's House is run by NCADD and is a fairly new addition to their Phoenix projects.  Details are  on their web site

What a fantastic way to begin shifting the focus from the paper bag to the Board Room and everything in between!! Unlike cancer, THIS disease DOES have a cure. If you embrace it, it will entirely change your life!!

 2015 "Pay It Forward" Series

NEW Season!!
USSSA Sanctioned Softball Tournament Series

Join us to celebrate
10th Annual Series.

For details on the entire Series, Events or to enter your Team for the coming year, go to the
Pay It Forward Site
under "Sporting Events"


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